We are offering from a wide range of umrah facilities including 2-star umrah packages to 5-star luxurious amenities. Our elite hajj packages are above all we advise you to avail our discounted hajj 2018 facilities which are very low in price and magnificent in services to have the relief for the otherworldly journey of Hajj. We are an individual organization in Karachi, Pakistan providing services since 2013, for tourist visa of different countries like Kingdom of Thailand, Malaysia, People's Republic of China, Republic of Singapore, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are offering from an extensive range of low-grade hotels to comfortable accommodation our key focus is to deliver our clients hotels near to haram in Makkah & Madinah also accommodate passengers travelling to Najaf for ziarat. Our unexceptional online reservation system gives you a seamless booking service from Pakistan including our national carrier Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and other domestic airlines like Shaheen Airline, Air blue and Serene Air flights. We are International Air Transport Association (IATA) accredited travel agent which assure you that you can book your airlines flight from us without any hesitation and hustle which is defined in the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) rule book. We also reserve rail tickets from all over Pakistan you can book your train tickets from your location to your desired destination. Our 24/7 customer care representative will guide you about your reservations, enquiries and query.


Air Asia International Travel and Tours is a ‘travel n tour’ company which offer brilliant amenities. Hotel reservations, car rental, honeymoon packages, cultural tourism, corporate tour management, Islamic tourism, Iran & Iraq ziarat, train tickets and travel insurance are the finest facilities which are offered by us. We propose to deliver our consumers hustle-free cost-effective and reasonable travel comforts. Our goal is to lead the customer in picking a journey(s) based on the pre-arranged occasion. This investigation would be made on customer profiles, set by the shoppers, which contains inclinations, for example, spending plan, exercises looked for, goal, and time of movement.

The First-class Hajj

We are one and only registered hajj and umrah group operator agency aim to provide best in town hajj services across Pakistan. Our amenities are inclusive of visa of hajj, ground transportation, accommodation, well-ordered supervision everywhere like in Flight, Jinnah International Airport, Mina, Arafat, Jamraat and Muzdalifah. We give you direction regarding hajj our delighted delegation is always with you to provide you quality standards and premium comforts.

The Economical Umrah

We are Government approved travel organization situated in Karachi offering umrah packages which is affordable that suits your pocket. Flight tickets, visa for umrah, hotels in Makkah & Madinah, ground transport by bus from the airport and local ziarat of spiritual places and tombs near to Makkah & Medina are comprehensive in each of our packages. Our group leader is dependable with you to lead you everywhere so you will never miss anything spiritual.

The Spiritual Ziarat

The journey of "Ziarat" of the heavenly landmarks like Shrines of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gilani, Imam Hussain (R.A), Imam Hassan (R.A), Imam Abu Hanifa (R.A), Imam Jafar Sadiq (R.A) and other profound identities. Our ziarat packages are designed for those people and groups who are mean to achieve their soul with ziarat of these spiritual places. Our packages are comprehensive of visa, ground transport by bus sharing, hotels, and any carrier flight.

International & Domestic Flights

We are International Air Transport Association (IATA) ensured travel organization managing all local and international flight operations including Pakistan International Airline (PIA), Shaheen Air International Limited, Air blue (PVT) Ltd. and Serene Air. We’ve operated more than 400,000 passengers every year. Choose from thousands of international and domestic destinations. We are incredibly skilled professionals to convey you proficient services regarding your booking and its queries.

Hotels Reservation

Pick from hundreds of thousands of hotels from around the world. Our representative will lead you to grab the best deals for your dates accordingly. Booking hotel is very simple and easy to use procedure just email us, call us, WhatsApp us or chat with us we’ll let you know regarding hotels and its booking. We emphasize booking of properties and hotels which is near to haram in Makkah and Madina at Kingdom of Saudi Arabia because of the huge and massive amount of demands and queries from our customers.

Tourist Visa

We are putting our effort for the traveller to get visa benefits from Pakistan. Kingdom of Thailand, Malaysia, People's Republic of China, Republic of Singapore, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia tourist visas are the main focus of our services. We offer visas to individuals and group we also arrange a group visa for delegation for firms, companies, and enterprises we are a complete solution for your travel need. We also offer lodgings, aircraft tickets, ground transportation, and honeymoon packages.

Railway Reservation

We are authorized by the Ministry of Railways for selling Railway tickets from Karachi to Islamabad and all over Pakistan. We provide all train tickets to your selected station. Booking procedure is very simple just call us and tell your desired destination we’ll tell you all the trains and their stopover. Our representative will tell you the fare and time limit for booking. This service is for the people who don’t want line or traffic. Get your ticket booked from us without any pain or hustle.

The Rent-A-Car Service

See your city Karachi, with a whole new vision from our all-in-one rent-a-car service you can book your vehicle from us and get the best discount and deals. Our unbelievable rental car service is ready to provide you services like a tour of the city, airport pick & drop service, cab service to your selected spot, car service for the marriage ceremony and out of station tourism. Make your booking online today and grab the greatest deals of the era all you have to do is just call us and get your booking done.

Travel Insurance

We also offer travel insurance for those travellers who travel abroad and want insurance. Our Worldwide service covers support the claims the visit to any country. With our appropriate insurance plan, you are assured that, if somewhat anything happens with baggage, belongings or your health with you or your loved ones at best you have your company to put you at ease. We are 24-hour non-stop available for you so, there is no issue where you are and what time is it.

C.E.O's Message

We ought to experience our past encounters for future planning in light of the fact that past encounters help to improve and redress our present and future. Nowadays everyone is experiencing a considerable measure of the issue, question is that how to take care of this bundle of issues. It ends up hard to take care of those issues in the restricted wellspring of time and sources. We are an endeavour that has satisfied client needs in a few conducts. Our first need is to fulfil our customers and client, our expert and prepared representative likewise give great travel administrations. We give economy packages and endeavouring to serve our best administrations in movement. INSHALLAH, we will extend our business in a few different ways we will present more branches in the various zone of Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Quetta, Multan, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad, Sialkot, Gwadar, Sahiwal, Bahawalpur, Sukkur, and urban communities of Pakistan. We are getting great criticism from our customer and client that propels and enables us.

Our mission
Our vision
Business Portfolio

Our central goal is to give the best travel benefits past desire for sensible value, we satisfy our responsibilities and give you the greatest piece of movement administrations. What's more, follow-up will be obligatory so as protect consumer loyalty and make any changes as suggested by the clients in future we look for, we trust we manufactured a long haul association with our clients.

About Us

The tourism business has experienced the quick development of incredible nature throughout the most recent quite a few years. This has for the most part been because of the approach of a ‘borderless’ world and expanded data scattering about the lofty landscapes all around the world, with the Asia district being no special case. An open door for Air Asia International Travel and Tours achievement exists the National Tourism and Travel industry is developing better. We saw a speciality for the organization, for example, Air Asia International to give the supplementary administrations that necessities worldwide ground visits arrangement around the globe. We set aside the opportunity to comprehend our customers’ needs. Our movement administration procedure depends on the customer’s significances and thinks about that client may have voyager profiles that require diverse levels of administration. We don’t just help you in the booking of tickets and lodgings, however, furnish you with the instruments to augment your whole travel administration framework. Air Asia International Travel and Tours has amassed a group of exceptionally prepared and talented travel facilitators so as to give the most astounding quality administrations to our customers.

The Team

We are a team of extremely trained experts ready to assist you with the top travel queries. We have faith in emerging trained and qualified business experts, Our executive heads have an extensive skill of effectively founding and successively business from scratch. Moreover, they have knowledge in spinning about ailing industries ventures and turning them into cash cows. We are family so join us and get guidance from our top travel professionals!

Muhammad Hanif

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Muhammad Ahmed Khan


There are so numerous attractive cities around the globe. Each city is unlike other and has its own specialty. Some cities are beautiful, some are massive and some are most comfortable.


Travel to more than 190 destinations, you can hold in excess of 43,983 different cities around the world. Get cheap flights from Karachi to Dubai, Jeddah, Bangkok, Paris, Istanbul, New York, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Hong Kong, Medina, London, Abu Dhabi and travel across Europe & Asia with world-class aircraft like Boeing 737-800s, 737 MAX, 747-8 and other carrier services. We give you genuine feelings of serenity that your entire adventure would make sure fire as indicated by your levy rules – meaning one late flight won't ruin your whole trek. To reserve your booking write us through the mail, just mention your departure date and arrival date, your destination city and origin city and type of your flight ‘one-way’, ’roundtrip’ or ‘multi-city’.


We have an extensive variety of Umrah packages beginning from 3 days, 5 days, 7 days, 10 days, 15 days, 20 days and 28 days. Offering 1-star, 2-star and 3-star economical hotels to 4-star, 5-star and 7-star deluxe and lavish accommodation near haram in Makkah & Medina around Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We spent significant time in conveying our clients discounted and inexpensive umrah amenities which is comprehensive of tour guide, umrah visa, ground transport by bus sharing from the airport, flight from Karachi and Makkah & Madina hotels near haram.

Ramadan Umrah Package for Only Just Rs. 105,000

28 Days Umrah Package

2-Star Hotels or Similar

Any Airline Ticket

Transport from Airport to Hotel

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Standard Umrah Package for Only Just Rs. 70,000

15 Days Umrah Package

2-Star Hotels or Similar

Any Airline Ticket

Transport from Airport to Hotel

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Premium Umrah Package for Only Just Rs. 75,000

15 Days Umrah Package

3-Star Hotels or Similar

Any Airline Ticket

Transport from Airport to Hotel

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First Class Umrah Package for Only Just Rs. 80,000

15 Days Umrah Package

2-Star Hotels or Similar

Any Airline Ticket

Transport from Airport to Hotel

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