Standard Moharram Umrah 2018

Umrah Package for Just Rs. 85,000

We appreciate the Muslims of Pakistan for their love of Islam. That is why Air Asia International Travel & Tours have arisen with a seamless and wonderful Umrah package just for you all. This package will be a prosperous to the Umrah facilities business and is greatest for finishing your spiritual sacraments. Umrah is not obligatory like Hajj but is extremely suggested in Islam. Each year, thousands of Muslims leave from Pakistan to visit the House of Allah SWT for the purpose of seeking mercy and getting nearer to Him. This occurs specially at this time of the year when Muslims take advantage from holidays. So commence Umrah this year under most trusted Umrah providers!

Package Details & Room types
Room Type (Per Person) 10 Days (5 Nights Makkah 4 Nights Medina) 15 Days (7 Nights Makkah 7 Nights Medina) 20 Days (10 Nights Makkah 09 Nights Medina) 28 Days (14 Nights Makkah 13 Nights Medina)
Sharing 80,000 85,000 90,000 95,000
Quad 90,000 95,000 100,000 105,000
Triple 115,000 130,000 145,000 160,000
Double 145,000 190,000 235,000 280,000
Child (With Bed) 80,000 85,000 90,000 95,000
Child (Without bed) 60,000 60,000 60,000 60,000
Infant 30,000 30,000 30,000 30,000


  • Fast processing visa service.
  • Round-trip transport from Jeddah airport to Jeddah airport.
  • Return ticket of airline.
  • Accommodation in Makkah.
  • Accommodation in Medina.
  • Local ziarat of Makkah and Medina (if allowed by the Government of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).
  • 400 meters - 500 meters far from haram accommodation in Makkah.
  • 400 meters - 500 meters far from haram accommodation in Medina.
  • Any direct or connecting return airline ticket.
  • Complimentary gift of Ahram.
  • Complimentary gift of Ziarat of Masjid-e-Jara'ana.
  • Complimentary gift of The Holy Quran, Umrah guide book and small travelers bag for passport and important documents.
Documents Required
  • 04 blue background photos 4x6 cm also known as umrah photographs.
  • Machine readable passport along with 7 months validity before traveling.
  • Original computerized national identity card (C.N.I.C.).
  • Original B. Form for all child under age of 18.
  • Computerized NADRA marriage certificate, if husband’s name does not reflect on wife’s passport.
  • 20% payment as an advance per person at the time of booking in the form of cash, pay order and cheque payee name "Air Asia International Travel and Tours".
For booking and details
  • Call us on Landline: +92 213 690 1230 | +92 213 696 1230
  • Call us on Mobile: +92 321 254 3329 | +92 300 273 9116
  • WhatsApp us: +92 320 247 2742 (Air Asia)
  • Email us: info@airasiaint.com
  • Visit our office: Suite No. 30 Sector 11-K, Haroon Heights Near Saleem Center, North Karachi, Karachi Sindh, Pakistan-74648

Terms & Conditions for Umrah

Package rates do not include affidavits or medical certificate charges.

Full package payment should be required while collecting passport, visa, airline ticket and hotel voucher.

 We strongly recommend allowing 15 or 21 days advance notice in normal periods & 30 to 45 days advance notice during Ramadan (& key dates) to synchronize confirmed airline bookings & hotel reservation dates, as per your choice.

The package will be for total period of stay & passenger will not be allowed to stay under own arrangements, unless agreed by our handling agent, prior to departure.

Passenger must return on dates specified in package voucher. Any extension in stay should be pre-arranged through our handling agent in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

 Hotel will be booked as per normal check in/check out timings in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & any special request in this regard or room view must be specified at time of package request.

While all our efforts will be made to meet passenger requirements, sometimes an alternative hotel or type of rooms may have to be offered & any rate differential is to be settled by customer accordingly.

Any un-used portion of package services will be non-refundable.

A cancellation charge of $150 per passenger is applicable for all Ministry of Hajj (M.O.H) approved cases, including those rejections by the Saudi consulate for stamping.

In case of any delay or change in booked travel dates, hotel cancellation charges applied by the vendor will be applicable.

We will not be responsible for any mishandling, incident or charges in case the passenger travels without our information or in case of any violation of local laws during stay in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Once an Umrah visa is issued , stamped passports will be released only after airline approval for refund is obtained.

Refund of Umrah ticket issued for obtaining visa issue subject to airline approval & charges, if applied by concerned airline.

Any changes in airline tickets routing or flight dates will be subject to changes, as applied, by concerned airline.

Above package is exclusive of any Government taxes from both sides Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

These terms & conditions are subject to change without notice, in case of any changes in regulations by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Government or handling agent / hotels.